The International Society for Applied Psychology (ISAPSY) is a professional and non-profit organization which was founded having as a primary objective making of connections between different researchers from academic and non-academic area and professional psychologists from around the world. The ultimate objective of ISAPSY consists from:

  • Organizing research conducted by psychologists around the world and unifying the results of these researches (Joint Research – JR).
  • Organizing periodical international conferences and congresses covering aspects of applied psychology and related sciences / fields.
  • Editing a professional journal in the psychology field at the highest academic level.
  • Establishment and organizing the International Institute for Applied Psychology (IIAP); organizing and conducting research within the IIAP.
  • Promoting useful results from the research conducted by ISAPSY members.
  • Organizing trainings and workshops within the applied psychology field.
  • Promoting and maintaining a high level of professionalism in applied psychology.
  • Contributing to the mankind development through ISAPSY activities from the psychology area and related sciences.

ISAPSY is an international organization which will accept members from all over the world, according to its statute and to the rules established by the Executive Board.

According to its statute, ISAPSY has a departmental structure and each department is coordinated by senior professionals in the field of psychology. The executive president along with the departments’ coordinators form the Executive Board and all the major decisions regarding ISAPSY activities are made by Executive Board by vote.